Application on Soldier’s Equipment

“Chameleon’s Skin©” is not only for application on vehicles.
Modern Soldier’s personal equipment spanning from rifle or machine-gun to even COTS (commercial off-the-self) items and even devices such as mp3 players, mobile phones or gps, needs a serious, effective stealth camouflage.

A camouflage easy to apply, not demanding special care, easy to remove and matching to battle station’s overall camouflage patterns.

Imagine all Soldier’s equipment matching with a unique camouflage pattern to vehicle’s camouflage and even to rifle’s or small arms.

Well, “Chameleon’s Skin©” is here to cover all battle gear.

But, with an extra life-saving feature: the minimization of thermal signture.

Soldier’s position and presence is easy to be disclosed and hence lives are put in danger due to a non-uniform camouflage pattern, a discrepancy to enemy’s eyes and sensors which might be lethal.

Just observe some indicative uses of “Chameleon’s Skin©” on small arms and Soldier’s personal equipment:

From Helmet to Vehicle and from rifle to lunch-box:

“Chameleon’s Skin©” Detail on a Machine Gun:

On a portable radio:


An M16 Rifle Camouflaged with “Chameleon’s Skin©” alike a Marine’s HMMWV “Chameleon’s Skin©” pattern: