Available Patterns

“Chameleon’s Skin©” is provided in a variety of military colors and patterns and is capable to cover any military camouflage appication.

“Chameleon’s Skin©” is a FULLY customizable product: Please contact us at chaminfo@intermatstealth.com for your enquiry. Do not hesitate to ask for any combination of colors, patterns. Digital, semi-digital, disruptive or classical camouflage pattern.

Remember: with “Chameleon’s Skin©” use, camouflage pattern and colors of any vehicle or equipment may be changed within minutes!

Some of patterns and colors combinations are indicated below.

Desert Digital:


Urban/Woodland Digital:


Woodland/Generic Digital:


Marsh Operational Environment:

For this pattern, we processed a real image taken by customer’s intelligence and turned it to a camouflage pattern. Full blending to operational environment both visually and most important: at thermal spectrum also.

The real photo:


The “Chameleon’s Skin©” respective product:


Camouflage patterns and possibilities are covering a wide range of applications:

Rocky environment:


Muddy environement:


and many more! Contact us to get your pattern that is suitable to your operational needs: chaminfo@intermatstealth.com