“Chameleon’s Skin©”: Commercial Proposals

“Chameleon’s Skin©” is a highly commerciable product with a huge range of applications.

From military vehicles: 

To Shelters, Containers, Ammo Storage facilities or C4ISR Equipment:

To Small Arms and Machine Guns:

Military Radios:

Or Soldier’s Personal Equipment:


Practically, “Chameleon’s Skin©” is suitable for any personal, tactical or operational use, when camouflage is critical to survive.

We provide following partnership proposals:


  • Reseller’s plan

       You may buy from a minimum quantity of 500 “Chameleon’s Skin©” standard sheets (that is 50cm by 70cm each) and resell, under no committment.  Available patterns for these quantities are always “off-the-shelf” from existing patterns, which will cover most military needs.

  • Distributor’s Plan

       Under this plan, a minimum order is 5,000 (five thousand) “Chameleon’s Skin©” standard sheets (that is 50cm by 70cm each) and you are secured by a distributor’s agreement. Long-term fixed pricing policy, price breaks and the capability to order dedicated and highly customized patterns.

  • Official Representative

       For an order over 100,000 (one hundred thousand)  “Chameleon’s Skin©” standard sheets (that is 50cm by 70cm each), an official represantation which ensures exclusive rights of representation at your sales territory (usually a country) is granted under agreement. Terms of that agreement are subject to discussion and mutual consent.

Sampling Policy

Samples of “Chameleon’s Skin©” are provided under following terms:

  • Maximum number of “Chameleon’s Skin©” standard sheets (that is 50cm by 70cm each) is 20 sheets per dispatchment and are cost-free. Patterns and colors are “off-the-shelf” from existing stock.
  • If you need a sample package (that is up to 20 sheets)  you will be charged 200€ (two hundred euros) for freight and administration fees.


We are able to produce and forward either anti-thermal/visual “Chameleon’s Skin©” product OR  plain visual product without anti-thermal feature, treated with ordinary colors/paints. At any pattern and with any colors combination, plain visual is capable to cover civilian uses, such as decorative, hunting, gaming or recreational purposes.


For any question or enquiry, please contact us herechaminfo@intermatstealth.com