“Chameleon’s Skin©” Stealth Performance

Your weapon systems are in danger. Practically, each and every modern weapon system, missile or device is equipped with thermal imagers or sensors in order to pinpoint and attack your soldiers, your systems, your weapons.

Strong and unmatchable REAL stealth performance.

It’s easy to see for yourself.

-Get a vehicle

-Turn on the engine, so thermal signature to be as in operational conditions

-Stick on the side, on the hood or else a “CHAMELEON’s SKIN©” decal sheet

-Grab a thermal imager of your choice (FLIR© or else)

-See the results!

The VISUAL image:

The THERMAL Image:

In WHOT (WHITE hot) mode (white objects are “hotter”)

In color mode:

Here, the RED objects are “hotter”

 Observe the perfect blending to the environment both in visual and ALL thermal imager’s modes.

This camouflage effect was achieved in  just 5 steps!