Following Vehicle’s Lines. Retains Mobility

Camouflage net: An obsolete solution with many constrains and disadvandages.

Most important: Camouflage net, or any camouflage solution based on fabric, is limiting vehicle’s mobility features, adding weight and maintenance burdens. 

“Chameleon’s Skin©” is fully adpated to vehicle’s lines and does not disrupt or constrains mobility, guns’ or other devices optical or firing range:

For the wind-shields.

Observe the “Chameleon’s Skin©” version for the wind-shields/glass surfaces of the vehicle. Remember that the thermal signature of the personnel may always disclose vehicle’s position.

Not with “Chameleon’s Skin©”!

What about tires?

“Chameleon’s Skin©” full stealth package provides special tires stealth covers for any type of vehicle.