Tactical Advandages

Suitable for weapon systems or other military assets and equipment that camouflage painting or use of other camouflage means (nets) is practically impossible or impractical. To mention a few of them: optical instruments (e.g . laser range finders-optical instruments,radios), portable weapon systems (MANPADS, antitank weapons, portable firefinder Radars etc).

Observe in following video/tactical simulation, how the camouflage net is obstructing MLRS smooth movement and ability to operate effectively against operational environment’s threats.

Special Forces, Peacekeeping Missions or Recce Units could benefit from alteration of their camouflage during operations.

An easy to use decal treated with Intermat’s Steatlh Technology.

You pick the colors, the hues, the pattern.
Alter your vehicle’s camouflage from urban to desert terrain and vice-versa, literally on the go.

Yes, now you are able to camouflage your vehicle exactly alike as your operational environment : Rocky, desert, jungle, urban.

Beyond our ready-made camouflage patterns, Intermat’s technology is able to adapt anti-thermal and visual camouflage decals for your particular environement no matter the complexity