Stealth is defined as:

Any military technology intended to make assets nearly invisible to enemy electronic detection systems.

Check the following REAL thermal image, taken from a battle equipment and try to decide:


So, Stealth is:

n. The act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly, or imperceptibly

adj. Having or providing the ability to prevent detection

Stealth technology primarily addresses the changes in the reflective properties of the target. It is regarded as a combination of materials and methods which significantly lower the emissions of a target, thereby effectively decreasing the enemy’s detection range.

In order to attain a Stealth effect the level of the Signatures must be reduced down to about the same as, or ideally lower than, the environmental background noise.

Full Stealth effect is achieved when the Signatures are reduced to such an extent that even if the asset is detected, engagement is virtually impossible.

Your advandage: Increase SURVIVABILITY

Anti-thermal is defined as the feature where a vehicle or any military asset or personnel remains unseen when observed through a thermal imager/sensor.

“What I hate to see is people focus on survivability which means ‘if hit, don’t be penetrated or killed. A lot of survivability can occur before that kill chain, starting with ‘don’t be seen’. If seen, don’t be acquired. If acquired, don’t be hit. We have a tendency to focus on the wrong end of the kill chain.”

Col. Brian Buckles, Programme Manager Light Armoured Vehicles, TACOM